titleVelika Mlaka Family House

locationVelika Mlaka


authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsMajda Vidovic, Ivona Holen Rabatic

photographerRobert Les

project year2003

completion year2006

area size398

total floor area844


The house is situated on a flat site in the suburban area of ​​Zagreb. The newly built suburban structure is marked by the orthogonal direction of the streets with family houses and their gardens. The rectangular plot is surrounded by neighboring buildings and the road on three sides while the last western side allows intimacy and opening up towards the courtyard. The house is closed off from the street and has minimal openings towards the neighbours while  extending into the courtyard terraces toward the west.

Partially sunken basement with a garage and other services allowed creating mezzanines connected by a stairway. In this way, the functions distributed among the many levels create an attractive interior where a large space is divided into intimate zones with a sense of depth and spaciousness. The house was built for a young family, still without children, intended for a rich social life and fully using the space offered by the house. The building ultimately has 400 m2 gross area, with a large terrace on the top which currently functions as a fitness area but is ultimately a parental apartment on top of the house.