titleTuskanac Residence



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsBarbara Vukovic

photographerRobert Les

project year2005

completion year2010

area size1200 m2

total floor area1300 m2


Residence is located in residential part of town, characterized by family houses with strictly defined volumes, site and garden measurements. The urbanisation of this part of town was finished by the end of last century, and each new building represents interpolation in already formed urban structure. Besides that, the programme of the project demanded, and the law allowed, much larger house than the neighbouring ones. In order to fulfill all the demands and respect genius loci at the same time, a house consisting of two volumes was designed; one visible to the street view and the other hidden from it but visible from the garden.

The upper volume comprises daily life spaces while the lower contains additional facillities (guest accomodation, leisure). Street volume, cladded in white Corian, facade and roof merged, is of sculptural character. Its hip roof is the link to old house which once stood on the site. The lower volume has green roof, which is also the terrace for the street volume and south- oriented atrium which becomes the place of events, with open kitchen onto which the pool, guest suite and dining room reflect. The most interesting space reveals itself in the attic; a multifunction, open space playroom. Floor, wall and ceiling surfaces in wood form an abstract space, so dear to the architects. The house offers maximum comfort in the center of the city, respecting the heritage and spirit of the neighbourhood.