titleSerdarova Family House



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsTomislav Burgund, Cvjetka Peronja

Additional associatesDejan Sparovec (3d rendering)

photographerRobert Les

project year2007

completion year2013

area size399 m2

total floor area706 m2


The spatial composition of the house is defined by a steep terrain and the view to the city. The two volumes are linked by a closed corridor on the ground floor, as well as at the lowest level of the house. Main entrance to the apartment is at a road level, secondary entrance in the northern facade of the larger volume leads to a maisonette, while the side entrance of the guest apartment in the smaller house is hidden in the staircase passage between the two volumes. The interior is vertically distributed which is why the spatial flow is intertwined and multi-layered. The living room has two parts, one half occupying the highest level as a salon with a city view, and another the lowest level, directly linked to the garden. Spatial complexity also reaches the exterior where doors and windows are cut into the mass, enhancing the monolithic character of the volume. Sculptural elements like the balcony, niche and the passage accentuate the front facade. Additionally, clinker tile cladding varies in thickness, forming a 3D mosaic with a flickering effect. It indicates that the façade is only a membrane around the body of the house.