titleRestaurant F



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsNina Karamarko

photographerRobert Les

project year2005

completion year2006

area size344 m2


The 17th-century town wall and the guard building, i.e. the customs office, dominate the location of the Fish Restaurant ¨Foša¨ and are a valuable examples of early baroque architecture. The wall divides the lot into two parts - on the north-east side there is a customs office, an inner courtyard and a ground-floor facility with kitchen and restaurant service areas, and on the northwest side there is an outdoor terrace. The indoor yard on the ground floor is glass enclosed and features the lobby with a bar and wine shop and sanitary facilities for guests. The upper floor, where the more intimate spaces of the restaurant are located, is connected to the ground floor via an internal staircase and an elevator whose function is food transportation. The main entrance to the upper floor is through an outer staircase. The exterior terrace is covered by a textile canopy. Interior design was built on the dialogue between old constructive elements (walls and façades of the main building etc.) and the new wall, floor and ceiling finishes, all in bright tones - without encasing the existing constructive system of the building. All newly-made walls are plastered, while the existing ones are partially plastered and partially processed to showcase historic layers. In the new part of the restaurant the walls and floors are covered with stone slabs.