titlePodfuscak Family House



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsMaja Markus

photographerRobert Les

project year2007

completion year2010

area size340 m2

total floor area400 m2


The house is designed for a young family who wanted to build a home in greenery near the city centre. Mostly small apartment buildings and single family houses slowly take place of traditional houses with gardens which used to provide idyllic, almost pastoral atmosphere of the area. The main requirement of the project was to hide away from neigbours and provide views and orientation to the south and greenery. By the usage of waste brick as a facade cladding the house fits perfectly to the eclectic atmosphere of its surrounding. Minus one level of the house Podfuscak is in function of service facilities, while the first floor comprises sleeping area. Most of the family's activities  take place on the ground floor, therefore it contains daytime areas. Big glass openings are oriented to the green areas, as well as „indrawn“ parts of the house volume which guarantee intimacy. North facade does not allow the views from the street, while other three sides  of the house do the opposite, but through indrawn spaces, one of which is the atrium, connection to the most vital part of the house - kitchen, dining and living. The atrium draws in the nature and daylight into the house, providing intimacy and hiding views from the neigbours. The other space between the interior and the exterior, which at the same time connects and separates living and dining room, is placed diagonally, in the direction of the best view. It is excatly the fluidity of the space what makes the strongest impression upon entering the house. The house is heated using geothermal resources through the walls and floors which makes it low energy house.