titlePantovčak family house



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

photographerRobert Les

project year2001

completion year2003

area size765 m2


The plot is located in one of the most important streets of the upper part of Zagreb. The house is conceived as a luxury family house for one family with the possibility of accommodating another tennant (the groundskeeper) with separate entrance. Formally, the house is designed as a single volume with an uneven rectangular footprint. The house is mostly closed from the north side and opens up on all the others. Sloping terrain allows for ground contact on three floors: west on the ground floor, north in the mezzanine and east in the basement. At the top, the house is opens up with a 'cutout' terrace. The central space of the house is a living room connected to the dining room and outdoor deck.

The house is divided into four residential floors, while the fifth is equipped with service rooms and wine cellars. In the basement there is an indoor swimming pool, exercise room and other services (wardrobes, showers, sauna etc.). The mezzanine comprises a large living room - a room for entertaining with a study, as well as a flat for the groundskeeper. On the ground floor there is a garage, dining and living area with a terrace. The bedrooms with accompanying bathrooms and terraces are on the ground floor.