titleMurter Holiday Home


authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsTomislav Burgund, Maja Markus

Additional associatesDejan Sparovec (3d rendering)

photographerDamir Fabijanic

project year2014

completion year2016

area size700 m2

total floor area1215 m2


The house is located in a typical Mediterranean-Dalmatian situation - on one side, a multi-storey house made for the market, on the other pseudotraditional luxury villa with pool. Long and narrow lot determines the shape of the home, and the client's love for exotic plants offers an inspiration to solve the contact zones with neighbors and create a private world outlined by two frames. The upper loggia defines the living area with a kitchen and dining area overlooking the pool. The lower intimate space is oriented towards a longitudinal garden, a space of peace and privacy. Elementary form affirms the environment and transforms it into the extension of the home, drawing away from the environment outside the lot. Such an approach is also manifested in the choice of materials - the floors and walls are in similar textures so as to become a single whole.