titleMedora Auri Family Beach Resort



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsBarbara Vukovic, Maja Markus, Maja Marosi Pezo, Ana Jozinec, Blanka Milkovic, Cvjetka Peronja, Nina Anic Mrden, Matija Vanicek

Additional associatesDejan Sparovec (3d rendering)

photographerMedora hotels and resorts

project year2014

completion year2016

area size13976 m2

total floor area5910 m2


Medora Auri Family Beach Resort was created by reconstructing existing hotels Minerva (3*) and Mediteran (2*) built in Podgora in the 60s and 70s, which were combined to a 4 * complex organized as a "family resort". Merging the two hotels resulted in a significant increase in the number of guests, so the biggest challenge was to provide a rational, cost-effective and at the same time a creative and fun way to link the existing, transformed and newly formed spaces into a unique functional whole.

Reconstruction took place in two phases: firstly the residential annexes of the Hotel Mediteran were reconstructed for the 2015 tourist season, followed by Hotel Minerva a year later. Early on in the planning stage of the new resort, we made two key decisions, which took a lot of time, persistence and engagement.

The first decision was to create a spacious lobby with a reception and bar area replacing the existing indoor swimming pool at the entrance floor. Unlike the old reception area, this newly formed space allows two-sided views, towards the sea and Biokovo mountain. The second decision was to remove the central facility of the hotel Mediteran and to build outdoor pools with sunbeds and accompanying amenities in its place. The terrain configuration enabled a cascading descend of the swimming pools and other facilities all the way to the promenade, resulting in the opening up the views for all rooms and pool facilities. As various sports and catering facilities have been placed around the pool area, it expectedly grew into the bustling center of the resort.

Along with the redesign and adaptation to the 4 * category standards, an increase in accommodation capacity was also planned. Accordingly, the two uppermost floors and part of the ground floor terrace have been converted into accommodation units. In an economic and design sense, this rational reconstruction maximally respected the existing spirit of original architecture while taking into account the modernity of its contemporary redesign. After two tourist seasons, the business results testify to the success of the reconstruction, while the new tourist postcards of Podgora can not be imagined without Medora Auri Family Beach Resort.