titleLes Ponts Restaurant



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsTomislav Burgund

photographerRobert Les

project year2011

completion year2012

area size480 m2


The restaurant is located within a newly built building complex comprising various offices and corporate headquarters. Occupying a space on the ground floor, the restaurant is divided into four main zones. The first one is the terrace and entrance with casual low seating areas and the maître d' counter. Following is the tall seating area next to the main bar, behind which is the dining area. Finally, the kitchen and accompanying services are in the very background of the restaurant with immediate access to the dining and sitting room areas. The inside zones are divided by partition walls fully clad in wooden lattices with a filigree quality to their design. Opposed to the strong visual impact of the latticework, the rest of the interior is subdued and dark while the ceiling is scattered with old photographs of Paris that double as lighting fixtures.