titleFamily House on Z Street



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsTomislav Burgund, Maja Marosi Pezo, Cvjetka Peronja

Additional associatesDejan Sparovec (3d rendering)


project year2012

completion year2015

area size200 m2

total floor area928 m2


This medium sized family house was designed for a couple with two children, situated on a narrow street in center of Zagreb. Although aligned to the existing facade plane of the neighbouring buildings, the house is raised above street level with the garage incorporated in its base. The trapeze shaped plan derives from the site shape. Immediate neighbourhood is very dense, and the site is surrounded by huge villas which is why the house is „defensive“ towards the neighbours and opens itself in opposing angles to gain light, air and vistas.The interior opens up towards the garden space through large facade openings. Visible volume of the house is two-storey high, while the base is integrated in terrain, hiding a garage and the pool area. The shell of the house is light and the core dark; the spaces in between becoming terraces and loggias. Living area on the ground level is oriented both towards the garden in the west and the street in the east though hidden from the views. Design of the house derives from the idea of maintaining privacy in a densly built area.

In 2015 the family house project was nominated for the 'Drago Galic Award' by the Croatian Association of Architects for the best residential project of the year.