titleDaruvar Social Housing Project



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsIvan Bobanovic Colic

photographerRobert Les

project year2002

completion year2003

total floor area1380 m2


The building is a free-standing structure with an elongated rectangular form stretching  east to west consisting of a ground floor and two upper levels. The ground floor is slightly raised and comprises the entrances and several ground residences. The other two levels are solely flats with the necessary service spaces and hallways. The basic unit of the system is a two-room apartment that is positioned within a constructive range while other apartments are variations of that unit depending on the program requirements.

The basic apartment has a logical distribution of living areas considering their neccessary orientation. Particular attention is paid to the bedroom that can be divided into two with a partition wall. The other units have a similar arrangement of rooms so that on the south side there are only living and dining rooms with a loggia. The service rooms are grouped in the middle of the apartment around a light well for ventilation and due to installation channels. Apartments have a two-sided orientation, and all service areas are naturally ventilated.