titleBaboniceva residential neighbourhood


clientVMD group

authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsMatija Vanicek, Nino Virag

photographerRobert Les

project year2005

completion year2008

area size53 365 m2


The site is located in the valley formed by the slopes of Medvednica in the immediate vicinity of  Zagreb city center, making it extremely rare and valuable. The project assignment required a design that exploits the plot fully while taking into account the sun exposure and privacy.

The settlement consists of 20 multi-storey houses that are unified by the use of same urban elements. The stone-clad plynth comprises the entrance yard of the house with a garage and defines the first zone of privacy between the street and the building. A multilevel volume rises from the base, with one flat on each floor. Apart from the penthouse, each apartment has private access to the terrain through cascading gardens that create a secondary privacy zone. The building volumes are opened up by carving in the loggias and big windows depending on orientation and program.