titleA+A House



authorsTomislav Curkovic, Zoran Zidaric

collaboratorsTomislav Burgund

photographerRobert Les

project year2009

completion year2012

area size266 m2

total floor area387 m2


Family house for a young couple with a dog is situated in the city area where they both grew up. On the site was a semi-detached house, and a substitute half was to be designed. The increase in surface area was possible, but in respect for the structure and rhythm of the neighbourhood it was decided to keep the existing building outline, though the assigned programme was substantially wider. The new house generally follows the neighbouring one at the point of contact, but it expands most prominently on the roof. The roof dormer, an element widely used in the neighbourhood, is used here too to get additional space under the roof. Since oversized dormers effect the facade greatly, the two get equal cladding. Discontinuity of the house is alleviated by perpendicular raster of the cladding panels, into which the openings fit. Opposed to the abstract exterior, intimate and warm interior is made to suit the clients. The staircase dominates the interior, through which all semi-floors can be discerned. The use of existing terrain slope allows almost one floor more then there was originally.